Character of Regents Walk
Name Gemma
Group Sides
Comic Pages 0
First Appearance Big Blue (Ch.1)
Family Ethan (brother)


Friends Unknown
Others Unknown
Elementary WPE
Middle Unknown
High Unknown
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Gemma is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. She is Ethan's older half-sister, by three years. They share a father. She recently moved to Arizona with her mother.


A former student at Widow's Perch Elementary, her mother, Jenny, split from Ethan's father some time ago, and Ethan barely remembers sharing the house with her. She seems to be smart, kind, and caring.

Big Blue (Chapter One)

She "appears" in Ethan's imagination while they share a phone call, where they chat about school plays. She was in the Spring pageant while Ethan is in the Thanksgiving play. They both agree that their father can get angry about things, for reasons they don't really understand.



Though they haven't seen each other in person for years, the two talk by phone when they can (when their dad can afford it), and likely write to one another at times as well. She is nice to him and remains curious about his life is going, while she is doing a little better herself.



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