Character of Regents Walk
Name Harper Yamaguchi
Group Sides
Comic Pages Unknown
First Appearance School (Ch.1)
Family Channing (sister)

Sterling (brother)

Friends Unknown
Others Unknown
Elementary WPE
Middle EMM
High WPH

Harper Yamaguchi is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. She is Channing's older sister and is the oldest of the three siblings, being a year older than Sterling.


Harper is one of the elite among the girls of Widow's Perch High, and is very critical of her peers, up to the point where she plots methods of getting revenge on those that have wronged her. She has very little regard for her heritage and simply does everything any other American teenage female would do to stay popular.

Appearances In Stories

Despite her self-centered nature, she picks up her sister after she calls from the bus depot, with her boyfriend "Marty". She later complains about several students and teachers during dinner in School, and openly contemplates revenge against another girl. She is also well-aware of her grandparents' stories and is tired of hearing them. Later, during Heritage Day, she tries to ditch her family just to have a make-out session with "Marty".


  • Channing gets many of her hand-me-downs, and is sometimes wearing one of many old, oversized shirts.
  • She attended the Camp Lake Pond summer camp in 1979, as her old shirt appears on Channing during Big Blue.
  • She likes the music of George Michael.

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